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Now, Macrogen is pleased to release FREE Bioinformatics Report Service for all of our customers.
The service is applied to orders regarding Standard Sequencing and Customized Sequencing (16s rRNA, 18s rRNA, Primer walking, Cloning,
PCR optimization, SNP),and you will be provided much more advanced Bioinformatics Report as below free of charge.
When you order, you can select BI report type in Standard Sequencing.
1. Contig formation
Based on the result of Reaction, we build contig, and provide the information of reaction alignment which compose the contig to customers.
(The blue part describes a part which is overlapped while building contig.)
<figure 1> Contig align and Contig chromatogram
2. Contig Information
You can check the information of Contig built which includes read length (Normal), read length(Q16), read length(Q20), GC content, contig quality.
<figure 2> Contig analysis and Contig quality graph
3. Contig Blast result check
We provide you a table for you to find the result easily by choosing top ten results out of BlastN, BlastX results of Contig.
If you click the Description from the table, the relevant NCBI webpage of the result appears.
<figure 3> Result of Contig BlastN and BlastX
4. GeneticTree
In case of 16s rRNA and 18s rRNA service, we basically provide you the result of Genetic Tree.
The Genetic Tree is generated based on the blastn result of contig.
<figure 4> GeneticTree
5. ORF(Open reading Frame) Analysis
We provide you information as below by analyzing ORF region in the Contig built.
(We can add ORF Analysis in your Bioinformatics Report as per your request.)
<figure 5> ORF analysis
To open your Bioinformatics Report, you can just click BI Report button ( ) in your order list.
We, Macrogen, await your valuable opinions during the free Bioinformatics Report Service period.
Please send us any feedback then we'll improve the service based on your opinions.
If your opinion is selected, we will give you the Macrogen´s special gift!
We, Macrogen, will always do our best to provide a better service to our valued customers. Thank you very much.