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Mileage usage guide
Macrogen Europe B.V. is terminating the Mileage program on 30/06/2022. The accumulated mileage can be used following the policy in place. For further questions feel free to contact us.
Mileage points by using Macrogen services
We always appreciate your sincere interests in our service.
As a small reward on that, we provide mileage points that you can use to purchase some gifts listed below
Mileage points from Prepayment
Given your Prepayment requests, we provide 10% mileage points of total amounts from Prepayment.
Once we recognize your payment on the Prepayment, you will be able to check your mileage points at Account>My Mileage
Mileage points from Sanger Sequencing (CES) and Oligo
Do not miss the great opportunity to obtain mileage points when payment is complete within a month from the issue date of your invoices.
You will be receiving 10% mileage points of total amounts from the invoices.
Once we recognize your payments, you will be able to check your mileage points at Account>My Mileage.
Mileage policy
The mileage points are valid to use for 2 years from the issue date of invoices.
On you request, Mileage points within the same institution can be transferable.
Mileage can be used in only given scale (500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 and 100,00 points)
The mileage points cannot be refundable or capitalized.
Mileage gift
You can order a gift listed below using your mileage points.
(Please note if you select or, the value of the gift card will be subject to the exchange rate at the time of purchasing.)

500P: €50 Amazon Gift Card
1,000P: €100 Amazon Gift Card
2,000P: €220 Amazon Gift Card
3,000P: €340 Amazon Gift Card
5,000P: €570 Amazon Gift Card
10,000P: €1100 Amazon Gift Card