Next-Gen Sequencing


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Committed to Sequencing Excellence.
Macrogen provides wide range of sequencing and bioinformatics services to academic, pharmaceutical and clinical research institutions
around the world. Established in 1997, Macrogen has been a reliable partner for more than 18,000 customers in 153 countries. We provide
end-to-end genetic analysis services suitable for publication. By using verified products of accredited vendors and manufacturers,
we assure high quality results with consistency and repeatability. At Macrogen, every sequence count.
What is Next Generation Sequencing?
Today, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology has made it possible to process and decode the entire human genome in as little
as few days;, revolutionizing the approach to study the genome. NGS technology applications enable unprecedented scalability
and touch on all areas of genetic research. These contemporary sequencing methods are much more sensitive, enabling clinicians and
researchers alike to discover a greater volume of submicroscopic views of our genomes. NGS platforms are able to sequence millions
of small fragments of DNA in parallel. Researchers can choose a wide view to look at multiple samples, or zoom in for an in-depth
analysis of a small, specific area of interest. Massive amounts of DNA sequencing data can be generated quicker, and more
cost-effective than ever before.

The latest NGS technology can be applied for multiple applications for the best results; from short to long reads, from DNA to RNA,
and from epigenome to metagenome. Sequencing enables researchers to uncover valuable genetic information that expands future discoveries.
Macrogen offers you peace of mind with 20+ years of experience in genomics. Simply enjoy high quality data & affordable prices!