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Targeted / Cancer Panel Sequencing
Targeted sequencing can be extremely cost-effective, while providing more in depth view of the genes of interest. Computing time for anlayzing targeted sequencing data takes less time, as it usually targets focused number of genes that are known to be related to a disease.
Macrogen provides various enrichment methods, as well as helps customization of a panel for your genes of interest. DNA from Tissue, Formalin-Fixed paraffin-Embedded (FFPE), Blood, Cell Cultures, Clinical Samples and Fine Needle Aspirates(FNA) can be used.
Cancer Panel Sequencing characterizes fast-track oncology data by surveying either hotspot mutations or whole exome sequences of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.
Enrichment Methods
• PCR based amplification
• Hybridization capture
Sequencing platforms
• Illumina NovaSeq 6000 / HiSeq 4000 / HiSeq 2500
• Illumina MiSeq
• ThermoFisher Ion Torront PGM / Proton
Data Analysis*
Standard data analysis
• Alignment (Read mapping to current reference genome)
• Variant Calling (SNPs, InDels)
• Annotation to various databases
Advanced data analysis
• Population Analysis
• A variety of options for variant calling pipeline are available.
*Data Analysis may vary depending on the availability of reference and the type of platform. For any inquiry of NGS service, please feel free to contact us.
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