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Epigenome Sequencing
Epigenome sequencing confirms that the function of a certain gene is expressed by external environmental factors. Methylation of DNA and acetylation of histone protein are the most representative epigenetic control mechanisms for the transcription of genes. They can be analyzed more effectively with NGS technology.
Comparison of Epigenomic Application
Application Bisulfite Conversion Advantages
WGBS Yes High resolution
Methyl-Cap Yes Methylated CpG enrichment
Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing
Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing (WGBS) is a method of observing the degree of DNA methylation by treating DNA using sodium bisulfate, which converts non-methylated cytosine to uracil, and analyzing the sequence.
Methyl-capture Sequencing
Methyl-Capture Sequencing is a method that captures the parts of the CpG where methylation was
previously reported and analyzes the sequence converted to sodium sulfite to observe the methylation degree.
Sequencing Platforms
• Illumina NovaSeq 6000 / HiSeq 4000 / HiSeq 2500
Data Analysis
Standard Data Analysis
• Global methylation profiles
• Specific methylation profiles e.g. CG islands / Differentially Methylated Regions (DMRs)
Advanced Data Analysis
• DMR-associated genes
• Gene set analysis
• Comparative analysis
*Data Analysis may vary depending on the availability of reference and the type of platform. For any inquiry of NGS service, please feel free to contact us.
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