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Metagenome Sequencing
Metagenome sequencing is a method of identifying microbial communities in different environments including the ones that cannot be cultured in laboratory setting. It is used primarily to analyze the distribution and types of bacteria and fungi, and to identify their interactions and roles.
It is applied to various areas such as monitoring microbial clusters through environmental samples such as soil and sea water, and analysis of fermented food, environmental wastewater and lactobacillus. Human gut microbiome became a hot topic for scientific community since recent studies revealed various relations to human diseases and conditions. The number of genes in intestinal microorganisms is about 150 times greater than human genes.
Sequencing Platforms
• Metagenome Amplicon Sequencing : MiSeq / HiSeq2500
• Metagenome Shotgun Sequencing : HiSeqX / NovaSeq
• Full length 16S rRNA Sequencing : PacBio RSII / Sequel
Data Analysis
Amplicon Metagenomic Sequencing
Amplicon metagenomic sequencing enables efficient identification of microorganism diversity using conserved genes (16S, 18S, ITS, CO1, etc.) in a specific environment.
Standard Data Analysis
• Community diversity analysis (Representative sequences, OTUs)
• Probiotics analysis
Advanced Data Analysis
• Phylogenetic tree
• Hierarchical taxonomy graph
• Heatmap
• PCR biplot
Shotgun Metagenome Sequencing
Shotgun metagenomic sequencing is a comprehensive method of identifying all genes in all microorganisms present in a given environmental sample. The method enables to evaluate the microbial diversity and detect the abundance of species under different conditions. For shotgun sequencing, DNA is purified and randomly sheared into smaller fragments before sequencing. It provides information of which organisms are present and what metabolic processes are possible in the community.
Standard Data Analysis
• Assembly
• Gene prediction & annotation
• Taxonomy analysis
*Data Analysis may vary depending on the availability of reference and the type of platform. For any inquiry of NGS service, please feel free to contact us.
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